Army Flight Log App for iPhone and iPad... The future is yours.

Built by Army Pilots... for Army Pilots

But it's true this time,... Army Checkrides and the Army Flight Log team really do have a team of actual Army Pilots to back up the digital technology. We know Army flight time enough to understand how you will be logging your flight time, so we made as simple as entering your flight info on 1 screen, and calling it good.

Built on the Latest Technology

Did you know that we can sync flight time between an iPhone and an iPad? We sure can! Thats what technology can do... you log a flight on your iPhone today, and on your iPad tomorrow, and it all syncs to the same place: iCloud.

Track Your 6 Month Minimums

Every Army Aviator has ATP Minimums that must be met, or suffer the consequences... This App will help you track those minimums to a "T". As long as you log your flight, the App takes care of the rest... Make it easy on yourself, the Army Flight Log does.

Your Updates are FREE, and Always will be. I don't believe a lot of folks understand the power of a renewable, and everlasting flight log that you never have to pay for again. When the technology updates, so do we, and you get your updates for free. Think about that for a minute.

  • Track your ATP Minimums quickly, and easily, and use the Dashboard to see where you stand.
  • Log a flight in as little as 30 seconds following your flight, and keep track of those flight hours. Trust me, you'll want to compare hrs one day, and this will be your saving grace.
  • Army Flight Log uses the iCloud to backup your flights while syncing between multiple devices. iPad and iPhone, no problem.
  • Don't fly one of the aircraft listed? Have some old flight time in a Cobra? Add custom aircraft to the list with absolute ease, and track as many as you want.